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CMMI Training Course

Capability Maturity Model Integration, simply referred to as CMMI, is a framework that integrates the processes and practices designed for business process improvement. CMMI Levels for processes are defined as Level 1: Initial, Level 2: Managed, Level 3: Defined, Level 4: Quantitatively Managed and Level 5: Optimising. The CMMI model is also used to appraise the process level maturity of organisations. If an organisation is referred to as a CMMI Level 3 organisation, sometimes referred to as a CMMI Level 3 certified organisation, it means that ithas proactively defined organisational-level processes and has been appraised by an accredited body.

Types of CMMI Training Courses

CMMI training courses are designed to help organisations get accustomed with the fundamentals of CMMI right from terminology used in CMMI to different maturity levels. Expert instructors guide the representatives of an organisation based on the latter’s needs. Globus Certifications, CMMI Institute in India, offers different types of CMMI training courses including:


  • Overview of CMMI (Course): This is a fundamental course of CMMI that is designed to help you get accustomed with the CMMI models, terminology and process areas. You will also learn the real-world implementation of processes that are compliant with the CMMI model.


  • Maturity and Capability Models Course: This course is ideal for you if you want to know each one of the CMMI Levels in detail. You will get to understand the framework in-depth. There are in total 22 process areas and each one of them represents activities that need to be followed by an organisation to achieve a Maturity level.


  • CMMI Processes (Course): As mentioned above, there are 22 process areas for each CMMI maturity level and this course helps you get accustomed with them. This will also help you understand how to improve processes based on the needs of your organisation.

Why Globus Certifications

Global Certifications offers CMMI Certification training courses to organisations of all sizes. In addition to getting accustomed to the CMMI terminology, you will also get know the things that are involved in preparing for CMMI appraisals. Get in touch with us at for details about our CMMI certification and CMMI training services in India.

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Global Certifications offers CMMI Certificationtrainingcoursesto organisations of all sizes.








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