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On 13th March 2023, Globus Certifications has successfully completed 5 years with UAF Accreditation Board for ISO Certification Services.   Globus Certification do not promote Consultancy of any Kind.   We at Globus offering Auditors to Impanel with us. We need Auditors from across the world.   We are offering Frachise in all countries of the world. Please refer country list before applying.   Globus doesn't take responsbility of any certificate authenticity, if it has not been issued by Globus or its franchise offcial mail id.

ISO Audit

What is an ISO Audit?

Quality Audit, also referred to as ISO Audit, is the process of examining a Quality Management System to ensure that itcomplies with the defined quality system processes of the relevant ISO standard.These audits are a part of the audit programme and are carried out at regular intervals during a certification cycle. Internal Audits are carried out by the employees of the company who are have attended Internal Auditor Training while the external audits are carried out by external auditors or audit teams.

How to Carry out ISO Audits?

ISO certification companiesoffer audit support services to clients, registrars, secondary partiesand special interest groups or associations. The auditor or audit team assess whether an organisation’squality management system complies with the relevant standard even if the organisation has customised it to its needs. An ISO Audit Provider representsthe organisation exclusively in all matters pertaining to registration, certification, internal auditing, and/or training for the relevant ISO standard.

Here’s how we carry out ISO audits at Globus Certifications:

Create an Audit Programme: We create an audit programme for the three-year certification cycle.

Determine Audit Objectives: For each audit, our auditors define the objectives so that they can conduct the audit effectively.

Conduct Audit: Our auditors are experts in their respective fields and conduct audits based on the defined audit objectives. We specialise in on-site as well as virtual audits.

Share Audit Results and Action Plan: Once the audit is complete, we share the audit results with the organisation. If some corrective measures need to be taken then we suggest an action plan so that the organisation can eliminate the detected non-conformities within a defined time.

Why Globus Certifications?

Global Certifications offers ISO Certification and ISO Audit Services in India to organisations of all sizes.Depending on the size of the organisation requesting ISO certification or audit services, we assign an auditor or audit team for the job. We also provide the background information of each member of the audit team on request. Right from creating the audit programme to sharing audit results, we offer assistance to help you achieve desired results.

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